Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It seems to me I've read this book before....

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

I'm sure that loads of people lurv this book... It has those terrible yearning passages where star crossed lovers (times 2) continually miss opportunities and each other, and yearn and yearrrrrn. And it has an urban tattoed love boy with rings in his face and a tragically beautiful but brutally inhuman fairy world.... It is even decently written, though often overwrought. But I've read too many elements of this book in my past not to get impatient with all the yearning and passion and danger. I read a lot of Ian Macdonald (King of Morning, Queen of Day) and Charles DeLint when I was a young adult and I've DONE the creepy eerie contemporary fairy world already, and the singular girl who is the only one who can see 'em stuff as well. So, props to Marr, and I'd certainly give this book to a girl (or maybe a boy, but maybe it's a bit too moony and yearning) who like me as a teen/young 20-something, really got into fantasy and weird vaguely fairy like stuff.... Oh, and I read another book or short story like this where a young man gets involved in the world of fairy while busking in Ediburgh, and ends up enslaving the queen of the fairies to his whim... So, yeah, BTDT, I think I'm too old for this genre!

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